RAM Pride

RAM Pride

Three school rules all students will follow

1. Respect yourself, others, and things
2. Contribute to the learning environment
3. Follow school and classroom procedures

*** Consequences will vary at each grade level according to the behavior
rubric below.


Our students follow our Ram Pride Expectations
Ram Pride poster 2018

Pride stands for:

Prayer                  Pray daily,  Show reverence during prayer, mass

Respect                Treat others with care, Consider the Learning of others,  Initiate and respond to greetings

Integrity               Be honest, Take responsibility for your own actions, Apologize

Determination    Do the right thing even when it is hard, Make good choices

Excellence            Be ready to learn, work, and play, Do your best

Behavior Rubrics:

Behavior Rubric, K-4
Behavior Rubric, 5-8