School Advisory Committee

School Advisory Committee

Meetings 2020-2021
All meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. 
Wed, August 19
Wed, September 16
Wed, October 21
Wed, November 18
Wed, December 16
Wed, January 20
Wed, February 10
Wed, March 17
Wed, April 21
Wed, May 19

Purpose and Function

The Committee is established by the Pastor, in accord with diocesan policy, to assist him and the principal with matters pertaining to Sacred Heart Catholic School. The council is advisory to the pastor and principal and cannot make decisions binding Sacred Heart School without the approval of the pastor.

The areas in which the council has responsibility for advisement includes:

  1. Planning
  2. Policy Formulation/Enactment
  3. Advisory role in financing
  4. Development, Public Relations, Marketing
  5. Provide representation for selection of the Principal

SAC By-Laws: SAC FINALBylaws 

Committee members

Please feel free to contact any SAC members with your questions or concerns. You may also address your concerns in a letter to the committee.

Kate McNeil [email protected]
Reedus Berry, Co-Chairperson [email protected]
Amy Satterfield, Secretary [email protected]
Bob Brytowski [email protected]
Megan Antoine [email protected]
Molly Mcgraw Healy [email protected]
Rebecca Lahr, Co-Chairperson [email protected]
Robert Hutchinson [email protected]
Katherine King [email protected]
Alicia Nordstrom [email protected]
Mary Daugherty [email protected]
Fr. Bryan Pedersen [email protected]

Karen Bursey                                                            [email protected]

School Advisory Committee Meetings

August meeting:
SAC Agenda 8-19-20
SAC Minutes 5-20-20

September meeting:
SAC Agenda 9-23-20
SAC Minutes 9-23-20

October meeting:
SAC Agenda 10-21-20
SAC Minutes 10-21-2020

November meeting:
SAC Agenda 11-18-20
SAC Minutes 11-18-2020

December meeting:
SAC Agenda 12-16-20
SAC Minutes 12-16-2020

January meeting:
SAC Agenda 1-20-21
SAC Minutes 1-20-21

February meeting:
SAC Agenda 2-24-21
SAC Minutes 2-24-21

March meeting:
SAC Agenda 3-17-21
SAC Minutes 3-17-21

April meeting:
SAC Agenda 4-21-21

May meeting:



  1. SAC shall range from six-nine voting members from the Sacred Heart Parish, plus the principal and pastor.
  2. No paid employee of Sacred Heart Parish, nor their spouse, may be a member of SAC.
  3. The members shall serve a term of three years, not to exceed two consecutive terms.
  4. Two members may retire and two members will begin their terms in August (one is elected; one is appointed).
  5. All SAC members shall maintain confidentiality of all information presented.