School Liturgy

School Liturgy

We are first and foremost a Catholic school, and we are proud of our Catholic traditions imbued in our school and programs. As a school, we begin each day with prayer. Grace is said before lunch in every class. Each classroom also has a prayer table for special class prayers and intentions.

Students and staff participate in our weekly Wednesday morning Mass, and each week a different class is responsible for leading the Mass. Our pastor involves students in his homilies by asking questions and listening to their feedback.

Bishop Cozzens celebrated Mass with our students.  Our kindergartners led us in this beautiful service.

We also celebrate the following special experiences:

  • Opening of the School Year
  • All Saints’ Day
  • All Souls’ Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Immaculate Conception
  • Advent prayer services
  • Reconciliation twice a year
  • Catholic Schools’ Week
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Stations of the Cross
  • May Crowning
  • Rosary
  • Celebrate the end of the school year


May Crowning-May, 2017

Our 1st graders led us in prayer and song as we crowned Mary with many flowers.