Elementary, K-5 • Middle School, Gr. 6-8

Subject Philosophies

Our religion program at all levels is intended to invite the child to a faith response  that is living, conscious and active.  Religion is integrated throughout the day to include collaboration with parents creating a firm foundation of the Catholic faith and Catholic social teachings.

Language Arts
Language Arts integrates reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Students learn to apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate texts by reading various types of genre.  The writing process uses experimentation of various forms and styles of writing, incorporating the parts of speech, mechanics, and technology.  We encourage all children to develop the confidence and skills to speak publicly.

Math instruction is focused on student success through incremental development of concepts and skills.  This objective is brought about by continual review of mathematical concepts.  Instruction is interactive and challenging with concrete experiences and exploration.

Science concepts and skills are taught through an inquiry, hands-on approach.  Science instruction directs, expands, and encourages curiosity and appreciation by providing students with opportunities for investigation.

Social Studies
Social Studies develops responsible citizens and active participants in their community as well as the global society.  Through the study of history, geography, and economics, the student will gain an understanding of diverse cultures and environment awareness.

Physical Education
Physical Education classes promote the skills of cooperation, fair play, and physical movement.  As the human lifespan increases, knowledge of physical activity and its effects on quality of life is essential.

Health education will provide students with the basic information that is necessary to make informed healthy choices.  Healthy choices will enable a student to maintain the gift of life given to each person.  Physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being are integral parts in developing a healthy life style.

Spanish class offers students the ability to develop their writing, listening and speaking skills as well as an appreciation for the cultural aspects of the Spanish speaking communities.

Students will learn to use technology as a tool to aide in critical thinking skills and solving real world problems.  They gain knowledge of basic computer operation and understand the importance of common applications through integration with other subject matter.  They will be exposed to invaluable skills that will be used throughout their education and career, as well as in their daily lives.

Music allows the students to express themselves artistically through singing, playing various instruments, and studying music theory and history.  By learning these concepts, students will grow to understand and appreciate the joy of music.

Art education offers the student an opportunity to use their creative ability.  Skills and concepts are learned through hands-on, age appropriate projects.  They are based on the elements and principles of art.  By discussing works of famous artists they become aware of other cultures throughout history.