Elementary, K-5 • Middle School, Gr. 6-8

Subject Philosophies

C-STEM:   Catholic – Science – Technology – Engineering – Math
C-STEM is integrated throughout all subject areas.

Religion instruction at all levels seeks to hand on the Catholic Faith to our students in such a way that they embrace their vocation developing a relationship with Jesus becoming disciples and active members of the Church throughout their lives.  This is accomplished through participation in the Liturgical and Sacramental Life, formation in the life of prayer, the study of Sacred Scripture and Tradition, in fostering the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy in daily living, and by imparting the entire deposit of faith, including the moral and Catholic social teachings, as articulation in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Language Arts
Language Arts integrates reading, English, writing, listening, and speaking.  Students learn to apply a wide range of strategies to comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate texts by reading various types of genre.  We vary types of writing, incorporating parts of speech, mechanics, and technology.  We encourage all children to develop skills in public speaking.

Math instruction focuses on developing deep conceptual understanding.  Students practice, apply, and discuss what they know through daily fact practice, math talk, and building of concepts.  Students also build math concepts using objects, drawing, conceptual language and real-world problems.

Science knowledge is developed using an inquiry-based model that promotes active problem solving, communication, creativity, and the shared construction of new ideas.  Students apply real-world problems that connect science to the world around them.

Social Studies
Social Studies creates responsible citizens and active participants in their community as well as the global society.  Through the study of history, geography, civics and economics, the student will gain an understanding of diverse cultures and communities.

Physical Education
The physical education program promotes lifestyle activities rather than competition.  Student will learn about the basic physical education components, how to implement movement, fitness and activity into their daily lifestyle habits.  Students are encouraged to continue a variety of physical activities throughout their lives.

Health instruction focuses on providing current and reliable information to our middle school students. Students are encouraged to make positive physical, emotional, and social wellness decisions affecting current and future lifestyle habits.

Spanish education allows students to gain a global awareness of the Spanish language, Spanish-speaking countries, and their cultures.  Classroom instruction creates confident and understanding through practice in speaking, reading, and writing.

Students will use technology as a tool to aid in critical thinking skills and solving real-world problems.  They gain knowledge and familiarity with technology as it is integrated into every subject area.  They will be exposed to invaluable skills, including how to use the internet responsibly that will be used throughout their lives.

Music allows student to artistically express themselves, not only through singing and playing various instruments, but also through theory, history, and the stage.  By learning these concepts, students will grow to understand and appreciate the joy of the fine arts.

Art education allows students an opportunity to incorporate skills and concepts in art, content areas, and C-STEM.  Teaching Artistic Behaviors (TAB) are developed through problem solving, goal setting, collaboration, risk taking, skill practice, experimenting, representing ideas, and reflection skills.  Art content instruction focuses on the elements and principles of art, exposure to works of famous artists and art styles, and awareness of other cultures throughout history.