Tuition & Scholarships

Tuition & Scholarships

2023-2024 Tuition Information

Admission Steps

1.  Contact Karen Bursey, principal, to set up a tour.   One of the best ways to learn about Sacred Heart Catholic School is to come in for a visit.  To schedule a visit, call 763-537-1329 or email Karen Bursey at  [email protected].

2.  A prospective family folder will be given to families at the time of the tour.   To register, please click on the Admissions link.  Families will be directed to our TADS website to “Create a New Account”.

3.  Tuition scholarships are available for families.  Complete the application on TADS by August 6th.
Additional scholarships are available through the AIM Higher Foundations.   Winter applications due February, 2023 to qualify.


Scholarship Information

Sacred Heart Lend A Hand Scholarships-  Sacred Heart also offers scholarships through the TADS application.

Tuition Cost for 2023-2024

****Families will enroll online using TADS.

Grade K – 8, Parishioner
Tuition:  1st/2nd child $5,850.00/year
3rd/4th child $5,450/year

Grade K – 8, Non-Parishioner
Tuition:    $7380.00 per/student

Pre-Kindergarten – Full/Half Day Options  4/5 year old  (Children must be 4 by Sept. 1st)
Full day, 5 days                             $750/month
Full day, 4 days                             $650/month
Full day, 3 days                             $550/month
Half day, 3 days                            $400/month

****Kids Club available – 2:10-5:30 pm  Additional fee
****Hot Lunch available for an additional fe

3 yr. old Pre K – 2-day a week (Children must be 3 by Sept. 1st)

$2,520.00 ($280/month)

4 yr. Old Pre K – 3-day a week (Children must by 4 by Sept. 1st)

$3,600.00 ($400/month)   7:30-11:15 a.m.


Would you like to volunteer and apply funds to your child’s tuition?

MN Fundraising Initiative (MNFI) secures contracts with over 23 venues in the greater Twin Cities area including Target Field, Target Center, Canterbury, and US Bank to operate food and beverage concessions stands at their events.

MNFI organizes teams of volunteers from all over the state of MN and WI who work together to run these stands. In turn, MNFI receives donations from these venues. The donations are then used to award grants to families in local communities to allow youth to attend private school, such as Sacred Heart Catholic School and participate in enrichment activities they may not otherwise be able to enjoy. Checks are mailed directly to Sacred Heart in your name.

Many of our school families use this organization to help pay for tuition.

Click on the website and create an account by clicking on the “Volunteer registration”.


New Family Registration Fee

Each student Pre-K-8 will be assessed a $100 non-refundable registration fee.

Tuition Scholarships

Sacred Heart Catholic School’s goal is to make sure that Catholic education is affordable for all families.   We will do our best to work with each family to make a payment plan that works.

Sacred Heart Catholic School uses TADS to calculate financial aid allocation. Apply on-line at
Click on the purple Financial Assessment button to begin.
The application fee is $34.00.
Use School Code SP233640000.

Families will be required to apply for a tuition scholarship by May 1st for the following fall as the school and church have limited resources.   Scholarship awards will be mailed to each family in June.


Sacred Heart School is happy to be a recent recipient of a Tuition Assistance Grant from the Catholic Community Foundation (CCF). This grant was made possible by many donors – past and present – whose belief in the power of endowment has allowed CCF to steward and grow endowment funds. These funds provide annual grants to our Catholic schools in order to make Catholic education accessible to more and more students.

The Catholic Community Foundation, located in St. Paul, is the largest Catholic community foundation in the nation and is committed to supporting the spiritual, educational and social needs of our community.


Technology Fee

A technology fee of $125 per K-3 student and $250 per gr. 4-8 student.
Students in grades 4-8 receive a school device to use during the year once the technology fee is paid.

Fundraiser Expectation

All families are expected to raise at least $300/per student during the year. Many options are available to fundraise this amount.


Contact Karen Bursey, Principal
[email protected]