Safe Environment

Safe Environment

Protecting the Vulnerable

Sacred Heart Catholic School and its leadership are committed to protecting children, youth, and vulnerable adults in all parishes, Catholic schools, and other Church ministries, here at Sacred Heart Parish & School and beyond.

The Office for the Protection of Children and Youth of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis works to help prevent the abuse of children, youth and vulnerable adults.  They partner with parents, parish, and Catholic school leaders and others to provide safe environments through raising awareness about the societal problem of sexual abuse, offering effective personal safety education and enforcing screening requirements.

Learn more on how to report abuse by reviewing the documents below.

If you are interested in volunteering:

All employees and volunteers who interact with minors, are required to complete and maintain safe environment credentials through the Archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis called the Essential 3.

To ensure successful completion of the requirements, follow the information below before creating your VIRTUS account.  If you have an existing account, please contact us for assistance so your account can be updated prior to login.  Contact information for the parish and school Safe Environment Coordinators is listed below.

Total Time Commitment:  Approximately 95 minutes.

  1. Set aside sufficient time to complete all items without logging out.  Incomplete accounts may result in lost data, requiring you to repeat your setup.
  2. Read and follow the directions on the website in the order presented.  Skipping items, fast-forwarding or backing up may corrupt your account and require you to repeat your assignments.
  3. You will complete each registration field as presented on the screen.  Complete the Code of Conduct, background check application (SSN is REQUIRED), and Safe Environment Training (1 module, approximately 75 minutes).

Virtus website
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Step by Step directions for Virtus:  
New User   VIRTUS NEW User Guide07-2021
Update your account    Re-Credentialing Guide07-2021

For more information on the Archdiocese Safe Environment requirements, visit

If you have questions regarding our safe environment practices, or would like more information on what is needed to volunteer, please contact our coordinators:
Parish:  Bunny Brouillard, Director of Adult Faith Formation
[email protected]

School:  Karen Bursey, Principal
[email protected]