We believe Sacred Heart Catholic School integrates faith, academics, and community in the personal formation of our students.

We are dedicated to:

  • Providing opportunities for children to grow in their Catholic faith
  • Encouraging character development in children to be thoughtful, compassionate and respectful to others
  • Partnering with our parish community to worship and learn from each other
  • Developing our C-STEM program to integrate in all academic areas
  • Embracing the 4C’s: Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Creativity
  • Challenging students to meet high academic standards
  • Creating a growth mindset culture by praising students’ effort and determination
  • Ensuring a peaceful, safe environment for students to learn and play
  • Engaging in local and global community service projects
  • Collaborating with parents to educate the whole child and be proactive in their child’s education.