Harassment and Bullying Policy

Harassment and Bullying Policy

SHCS Harassment and Bullying Policy and Procedures

All children make choices about their behavior.  The school and parents need to work together to help students learn to choose appropriate behaviors and accept the consequences, good and bad, which may result from their choices.  Throughout the school, on and off school grounds, online, and at school sponsored events, students are expected to demonstrate appropriate behaviors, which are a reflection of true Christian values and their Catholic identity.

Expectations:   All staff, faculty and other adults working with students at Sacred Heart Catholic School are expected to be observant for both students engaging in bullying behaviors and those exhibiting characteristics of having been bullied.


Harassment & Bullying

The mission and values of Sacred Heart Catholic School are anchored in the fundamental principles of Catholic Social Teaching, i.e., that every person is created in the image and likeness of God and is deserving of respect and safety. In this context, Sacred Heart Catholic School is committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment that is free from harassment and bullying. Any student, faculty, or staff person who undermines the inherent dignity or threatens the safety of another person is not simply in breach of this policy, but also violates the basic tenets of the Catholic faith community.


Harassment and bullying are unwelcome behaviors of any sort, including verbal, written, physical, sexual, psychological, or cyber. Harassment/bullying includes, but is not limited to, unwanted and unwelcome words, actions, gestures, or symbols that make the recipient feel uncomfortable. Harassment/bullying also includes offensive, threatening, intimidating, abusive, or harmful speech or actions made toward another person or through a third party. Whether an action is harassment/bullying is determined by the administration not the intentions of the one who has been accused.

Reporting Harassment/Bullying:

Any student who believes they have been a victim of harassment/bullying, or has witnessed such behavior, is encouraged to promptly tell any faculty/staff member or school administrator. Faculty/staff members who receive such a report are obligated to promptly inform an administrator.

How to File a Report:

The initial report may be verbal or written. Students are strongly encouraged to give the information to a trusted adult or use the SHCS Incident Report on our website to report anonymously. All reports, including verbal reports, will be documented. If a student has physical/written evidence of the harassment/bullying, including emails, text messages, voice mail messages, or other documentation, they should be saved and shared as part of the report or during the investigation.


Upon receiving a report, school administration will promptly and thoroughly undertake an investigation, which will be conducted in a confidential manner to the extent possible. At the discretion of the administration, outside professionals may be engaged, or a Harassment Review Committee may be formed to perform the investigation. Investigative actions and disciplinary outcomes will be determined based on the severity, frequency, and impact of the offense. If necessary for the safety of students or to avoid disruption to the school social or academic environment, the accused may be placed on a temporary out of school suspension pending the investigation. Depending on the nature of the report, law enforcement officials may be notified.


After completion of the investigation, school administration will determine whether harassment/bullying has occurred, and if so, what disciplinary action is appropriate. Discipline for harassment/bullying may include, but is not limited to, detention, parent conference, suspension, loss of co-curricular/athletic eligibility, loss of ability to participate in school trips or activities, and/or expulsion.

No Retaliation:

Retaliation of any form against individuals who report harassment/bullying or who participate in an investigation will not be tolerated. Anyone found engaging in retaliation will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.