Middle School, Gr. 6-8

Middle School, Gr. 6-8

The middle school years are important years in the lives of our students.  The students spend this time preparing for high school.  Developmentally our oldest students are growing and maturing into young adults.  As they become independent learners they also shape their core values and more clearly define their character.  We encourage our middle school students to become actively involved in their classes as well as extra-curricular activities including athletics, Lego Robotics, choir, yearbook, Altar serving, service team, student ambassadors, peer tutoring, etc.


Homeroom consists of a small group of students in grades 6, 7, 8 and teacher advisor.   Students have homeroom each morning and the end of the day with a special advisory time set aside each Wednesday from 7:30-8:20 a.m.  These small groups of students from 10-15 students will develop close relationships and trust, help foster open communication, understanding and acceptance among its members. Advisory is used for team and character building activities, Ice breakers, discussions, homework checks, and cleaning lockers.   At the end of each trimester, a middle school celebration takes place with all advisory groups.

The advisor is that one adult who knows and cares for that individual student and who supports that student’s academic and personal development.


Staff use RAM Pride slips to reward good behavior. Slips may be given for students for:  Being respectful and kind to others, able to recognize someone needing help, models good behavior
RAM Pride slips are turned in to the Advisory teacher and students earn points for rewards such as non-uniform coupons, half homework slip, etc.

Sixth Grade Academics

Sixth grade is the first year of middle school. This is a year filled with change, as the students move from classroom to classroom throughout the day and a locker is assigned.

Each fall, the middle school is an ideal time to focus on study skills, to help the students cope with the responsibilities of tracking assignments and having a variety of teachers.

Religion – In 6th grade religion we will be exploring our beliefs, the act of worship and prayer and morality. By the end of the course students should have a better understanding of their faith and their role in the church today.

Language Arts – In English, the students study grammar, spelling, Daily Oral Language(DOL), and use different writing styles. The students give oral reports and complete a research project.  In literature, students continue to work on reading skills using novels as the basis for study. Our aim is to help the students grow in their ability to read as well as to encourage life-long reading.

Math – The math program is a continuation of learning the processes begin in the lower grades, but with greater competency in the areas of place value, decimals, fractions, ratios and percents. Students are also exposed to pre-algebra. Through this program the students learn arithmetic skills in algebraic form. It is a very important step in helping the students be prepared for the algebra skills of the next few grades.

Science/Physical Science – This course is a blend of Physics and Chemistry. Starting at the underlying structure of an atom, we learn how elements combine and chemicals react. The different forms of energy spark student interest as we create circuitry in the classroom.  We cover motion, magnetism, and the conservation of mass.  Our STEM fair gives students a chance to delve into the processes of scientific inquiry and engineering design.

Social Studies – The curriculum for 6th grade social studies is Minnesota History. In this class, we will be exploring the origins and history of Minnesota. Students will try to discover how Minnesota became the way it is today, and predict how it will look in the future. Students will get to work on historical skills that will prepare them for high school and beyond. By the end of the course students should have a better understanding of our state and the role we play in it.

Specialists all year – Art, Computer, Physical Education, Health, Music, Spanish

Music – 6th grade music covers an extensive unit on music styles from 1900 to the current day, implements the four elements of music (rhythm, harmony, melody, and tone color). Students perform in the spring musical.

Physical Education – Grade six students join the middle school routine of changing into gym clothes for class participation.  All middle school students are assigned a gym locker.. The highlight of the 6th grade physical education curriculum is a group assignment of creating and peer teaching a new game/activity to younger students.

Seventh Grade Academics

Religion – In religion, we dive into Sacred Scripture, Catholic teaching of the Sacraments and the Works of Mercy where we will come to know the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. We will focus on the New Testament, using the Old Testament as a key to it’s meaning. We finish off the year learning how to put Christ’s Mission into action.

Language Arts – In English students continue to build on their grammar skills, do DOL, and write research papers, as well as other types of writing. In literature students use novels to apply reading skills and study vocabulary.  Again our aim is to help the students explore books to read to encourage reading for enjoyment.

Math – The Mathematics program in the seventh grade uses a pre-algebra curriculum to teach many of the beginning algebraic concepts. Along with these ideas, problem solving, logical reasoning, and critical thinking techniques are taught.

Science/Life Science – By the end of the year, your Biology student will be able to tell you how a tissue is like a team, how a nucleus is like a library, and what the inside of their frog looked like halfway through dissection.  We focus on the relationship between structure and function in living organisms and the mechanisms of adaptation.  We also discuss the flow of energy through ecosystems and human interactions with our environment.  Our annual Science fair gives students an opportunity to design their own experiment and follow the scientific method.

Social Studies – The curriculum for 7th grade social studies is U.S. History. We will start with the constitution, and than study the 1800s to the modern era. Students will get to work on historical skills that will prepare them for high school and beyond. By the end of the course students should have a better understanding of the United States and it’s role in the world today; as well as, their own role as citizens of the United States.

Music – 7th grade has music the 1st semester, twice a week. The curriculum covers music theory concepts, charting the progress of popular music, and performing in the Christmas musical.

Physical Education – Seventh grade physical education students will continue learning and developing their skills, knowledge, & appreciation of a variety of lifetime physical activities.  We utilize some exercise apps on the iPad for practicing a variety of activities.  Students are expected to fully participate in activities in order to maintain or improve physical health & wellness.

Specialists – Art, Computer, Physical Education, Health.
Specialists per semester: Music, Spanish

Eighth Grade Academics

During 8th grade, students will attend Wolf Ridge Environmental Center as their class trip. Fundraising for the trip will take place as 7th graders.

Religion – In 8th grade Religion we will be exploring Church History and Morality. By the end of the course students should have a better understanding of their faith and their role in the church today.

Language Arts – In English students master grammar skills, do DOL, and write to develop different types of written expressions.  They apply research writing skills for integrated projects.  In literature students have three teacher directed novels and read novels of their own choosing to apply reading skills learned, along with journal writing.  They work to develop their own tastes in literature.

Math – Eighth grade Mathematics is a rigorous comprehensive algebra 1 course. Students who successfully complete this class will have the opportunity to go directly into high school geometry in the ninth grade. Usually chapters 1-9 are covered in eighth grade.

Science/Earth Science – Way more interesting than a pile of rocks, our Earth Science course focuses on the dynamic processes that shape Earth, from the slow grind of tectonic plate movement to the cause of catastrophic floods, volcanoes, and earthquakes.  We learn how meteorologists predict the weather and which criteria NASA use to search for hospitable planets.  Hands-on labs and engineering projects grow curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Social Studies – The curriculum for 8th grade social studies is World Cultures and Geography. We will move across the globe to study the geography and cultures of each region. Students will also participate in History Day, creating research projects on their favorite historical topics. By the end of the course students should have a better understanding of the physical world, the cultural world and the role we play in it.

Music – 8th grade has music the 2nd semester, twice a week. The curriculum covers the evolution of the recording process, music technology, and performing in the spring musical.

Physical Education – Grade eight students to advance in the knowledge of game strategies.  Throughout middle school, we discuss the relationship between health education and physical education.  This includes monitoring heart rate and intensity of activity.  All middle school classes are expected to demonstrate grade level knowledge and skills appropriate to the games & activities.

Specialists – Art, Computer, Physical Education, Health,
Specialists per semester: Music, Spanish