Sarkinen, Chris

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Title 1 (Dist. 281)

My name is Chris Sarkinen. I have been the Title 1 teacher at Sacred Heart since 2017. I started teaching elementary school in 1993. I will be teaching small groups of students on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Sacred Heart. My roots are deeply planted within a very short radius of Crystal and New Hope as my wife and I grew up just a couple miles from school.

I am very blessed! My beautiful wife of twenty four years Christine, is an obstetrician with Oakdale Ob/Gyn. For many years they delivered babies out of North Memorial in our very own Robbinsdale. Currently she delivers babies at North Memorial- Maple Grove. We have two amazing boys, who will graduate high school in 2022 and 2023 (the younger is the substantially bigger of the two). We like to keep very busy. All four of us swim on teams. The boys swim for the high school and my wife and I swim on a “masters” team. We do most everything as a family. We love to travel, fish and downhill ski. The family is catching the triathlon bug. Our home is somewhat hairy, with three cats and three pheasant hunting dogs. I love anything that has a motor and burns gasoline or diesel…..that said, we also have two fully electric cars that are a “gas” to drive.