Sam Gasparini


Kindergarten Teacher


I am so thrilled to be back at Sacred Heart for my 4th year! I grew up in Robbinsdale, and was lucky enough to attend SHS for the entirety of my elementary years. My favorite thing about kindergarten is that we get to take lots of movement breaks, and they keep me on my toes. Every day I am reminded how much fun learning can be. When the moment clicks, it is magical.

I graduated with my Masters in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Throughout school I worked with children from toddlers up to 2nd grade. I also recently finish my STEM certificate program through St. Thomas University (Murray Institute).

Many of you may have seen me working at Little Angel’s Daycare; I used to be there full time and I now pitch in anytime they need help.

In my spare time I love to read (my challenge for 2021 is to read as many as possible), take walks with my dog Jo Jo (pictured left), and preparing for a new journey of parenthood! Baby girl is due just before Thanksgiving.

My Teaching Philosophy:

Learning is primarily done through hands-on experiences. This includes projects, manipulating materials, and movement activities. There is more to teaching children than academics; it also includes their social, emotional, and spiritual learning. Learning should be fun and hopefully by the end of the year the children will feel confident in whatever they choose to tackle. The classroom is another environment where all students can thrive, and I hope that it can become a safe place for all. Mistakes are welcome, as they are an opportunity to learn and grow with each other.