Sacred Heart Top 10

Sacred Heart Top 10

Top 10 Reasons to Send your Child to
Sacred Heart Catholic School



Instill core Catholic values in our educational atmosphere in order to provide the standards,    morals and ethics families seek to include in their children’s education.

Aspire to achieve high academic standards so that each student is equipped with the skills, knowledge, and values to excel beyond the classroom.

Provide a welcoming environment where families and students support each other, the endeavors of Sacred Heart Catholic Church and School, the Robbinsdale community and beyond.

Focus on our C-STEM (Catholic, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum utilized by our experienced staff that shows a dedication to preparing students for the future.

Embrace our strong leadership throughout Sacred Heart Catholic Church and School who utilize “best practices” to lead, instruct, and prioritize the needs of all learners each day.

Utilize responsive and transparent communication within the Sacred Heart Catholic Church and School community.

Have engaged teaching staff that is dedicated to the well-being, development and success of each student.

Maintain small and diverse classrooms filled with experiences focusing on individual student growth and opportunity.

Include a variety of enriching activities for students to participate in and outside the classroom that add value to the students’ experiences for growth and development.

Ensure a safe and peaceful environment for our students through focused staff and community support.