Teachers graduate from C-STEM program

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C-STEM is an integrated learning model that includes our Catholic faith along with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The C-STEM model emerged from STEM with the added element of religion to create a well-rounded education.

The implementation of C-STEM began with teacher training and support from experts at the National Center for STEM education at St. Catherine’s University in August, 2015 and teachers graduated in December, 2016.

Our goals:

  • Igniting minds through inquiry based instruction
  • Tapping into students natural curiosities
  • Exploring ideas through hands-on learning
  • Integrated studies and technology to create producers of information
  • Integrated prayer, virtues, and service into daily learning
  • Empowered to be critical thinkers and collaborative problem solvers.

We are excited to begin this innovative program at Sacred Heart Catholic School!

Click HERE for the C-STEM flier.