Playground Rules for Sacred Heart Catholic School

I will respect myself, others, and property around me.

1.   Students must wait for the teacher before crossing the street to enter the playground.

2.  Students will only use equipment approved by the school.  Only soft-sided playground balls will be used.  All equipment must be used safely and for intended purpose.

3.   When playground equipment goes over the playground fence, students will notify the teacher.  Students are not allowed to leave the playground for any reason without adult permission.

4.  Students are not allowed to throw wood chips, rocks, snowball, etc.

5.  Students are not permitted to engage in rough play (fighting, pushing, shoving, tripping, wrestling, etc.)

6.  Students must wear proper outdoor clothing all year.  We do not pull on clothing, take hats, mittens, etc.

7.  Students must use appropriate language at all times.

8.  Students must follow the rules of the game and play fair.  All games end peacefully on the playground by shaking hands to show good sportsmanship.

9.  Students will use the restroom before going outside.  Students will not be allowed to come and go during the recess time.

10.  When students hear the whistle, students are to stop playing and line up promptly by grade to proceed into the building.  Students will retrieve and return all playground equipment to the bins.

Winter Play
1.  Students may not throw snow or snow balls
2.  Students may not dig tunnels in the snow hill.
3.  Students may not run and slide on the ice.
4.  Snow hill-depending on the size of the snow hill, administration may close the snow hill due to icy conditions or limit students from playing on the top of the hill due to safety.


1st Offense:  Warning
Note:  If the offense is a safety concern, then student(s) will be sent directly to the school office.

2nd Offense:  Student will stand by the playground fence  for a determined time missing some recess play.

3rd Offense:  Office referral.  Consequences may include missing next recess, eating lunch at a special spot, behavior slip home to parent, phone call to parent, demerit, detention, etc.)


Playground Supervision
1.  Staff will have the 1st Aid recess bag on their person at all times.
2.  Crossing guard flags will be used when students cross the street.
3.  If students come out after the entire group crosses the street, then a staff member will cross the student safely to the playground.
4.  Teacher cell phones will only be used for emergency situations or to call the school office for assistance.
5.  Playground rules will be followed at recess and consequences will be given to students as needed.
6.  The 41st Ave. N. recess gate will remain closed during the entire school week.
7.  The staff member supervising the playground will be the primary enforcer of the rules and has the authority to remove any student who does not comply.